Q: What brands does Paparazzi carry?

A: Paparazzi specializes in smaller designers to maintain the uniqueness of our selection. You will not find a lot of the "big names" in our store, but you will also not find another person at your event wearing the same dress!

Q: Do you keep track of the dresses you sell so that  no one at my event is wearing the same style?!

A: Absolutely! We track each dress sold through our inventory system to ensure that no one wears an identical style. We WILL NOT sell a dress twice to an event! We even ask each client if they will be attending multiple dances so that we can be accurate in telling you that you have nothing to fear in terms of duplicating a style. Uniqueness is what Paparazzi is all about!


Q: Should I make an appointment?

A: Appointments are not necessary. We try to accommodate our clients through extended hours during our busy seasons. If for some reason you are unable to shop during our business hours, please contact the store and we will make provisions for you!

We also schedule appointments for our patrons that for whatever reason need a one-on-one.


Q: Do you have a layaway plan?

A: We understand that formal events are indeed an investment! To help our clients match desires to budgets, we do offer payment plans! We require $100 down for dresses in-stock and then divide the remainder into four payments! For special orders, we ask for half down and then can work out payments after the dress arrives in store!